Professional planning tools for mid-career women and NCDA FCD certification for career services providers. Let's make your work life work for you.

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What Work Were You Born To Do?

Mid-Career Women | Career Services Providers

My tools and resources for mid-career women will teach you how to manage burnout, find your work purpose, and develop new career options that are right for you.

My NCDA Facilitating Career Development course for career professionals teaches you how to base your coaching style on your natural talents combined with career theory and the latest best practices knowledge.

Sheri founded New Insights Consulting with a passion for teaching others how to make a difference in their own lives by harnessing their authentic selves to build the work-life they want.

Whether you are feeling stuck in a career "rut" or need to expand your skills, I have the right tools and services to guide you through every step.

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