Rory Rothman – Individual Life Coaching Services

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"My coaching approach focused on affirmation and empowerment, is designed to assist you with sorting through challenges and priorities, with designing a life plan, with building success at identifying and developing specific goals and action steps to achieve those goals, and with replacing negative or problematic self-messages with more positive ones.  Services focus primarily on, but are not limited to, relationship work, life transition issues, career exploration, coping and resiliency skills development, and management and leadership development."


Why I recommend:  Rory Rothman has personally experienced the journey of mid-life career change after a long and successful career in student services within higher education.  He has done the difficult work of reconnecting with his authentic self which has allowed him to identify his passion and strengths for counseling others.  Rory recently added to his counseling background by becoming a Board Certified Coach and is now accepting new clients. So, if you are seeking 1 on 1 coaching for life and career issues, Rory Rothman's Coaching can help you achieve your goals.