“Sheri is a teacher, mentor, and source of positivity rolled into one. I have worked with her through group trainings and one on one and always come away feeling inspired, hopeful, and like I learned a great deal.  Above all, Sheri is approachable, eager to help, honest, and able to explain concepts in a way that makes them easily understood. She led a group in which I participated with the goal of developing a workshop for college students to teach them about the CliftonStrengths assessment (back when it was StrengthsFinder).  No question was too simple, and no idea was minimized.  She was open to all our group shared.  We were each at different levels in our understanding and use of administering the assessment, and I appreciated her willingness to share materials she had created herself.  She gladly explained concepts, showed how various aspects tied together, and generally increased our excitement in how we could use this tool to better support students.

 In my one-on-one training with her as a mentor, I felt very valued and respected. She is someone I admire and respect greatly, a real role model.  To have her share her experiences, provide guidance as I navigated my own career, and teach me how to learn and grow on my own was invaluable.  I left our sessions feeling more confident, encouraged, and optimistic about reaching my goals. She sees the individual’s strengths and potential and has a way of encouraging you while pushing you to stretch your boundaries.  She is also creative in terms of approaches and fits them to the person.  In addition, I have seen her handle difficult situations with grace and confidence that have helped me learn how to be assertive—not necessarily one of the goals of the specific trainings, but certainly an important skill to learn. I look forward to learning more as we work together in her new role!”